Arkitools is a company dedicated to providing independent architectural and engineering services, both nationally and internationally. The company carries out a wide range of activities that include consulting, integrated design, drafting of c onstruction documents and project management, coordination and construction management. It was set up in 2002 to combine the professional work experience of its founding architects and to provide them with a new work structure, more suitable to the needs of a demanding professional environment.

From the beginning, we have offered a rigorous and personalized service. Working closely with our clients, we analyze their needs thoroughly and offer solutions to meet their expectations. This has always been our main goal and day-to-day challenge. We have extensive experience in various sectors such as infrastructures, urban planning, administrative, industrial, educational, and commercial buildings, sustainable and accessible architecture.., thereby assuring our clients security and total commitment to their objectives while carrying out their projects.

Arkitools designs, drafts and manages urban planning projects, construction and architectural engineering from the pre-design stage to construction and practical completion, including structures, all kinds of installations and detailed architecture. In order to provide a better service for ou r clients, we routinely bring together experts in structure calculation, installations, accessibility, sustainability and civil works to form skillful multidisciplinary teams. Some of our clients establish sustainability criteria amongst their goals. Using the client’s own methodology or outside certification agencies such as LEED (USGBC), we adopt a series of measures from the initial design process to the overseeing of the construction site. The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings as much as possible. Currently, we are completing the construction site of the IMDEA Energy Institute, pre-rated GOLD in the LEED Rating System.

We carefully considered the building envelope according to its function and orientation, looking for energy efficiency. We integrated renewable (solar, photovoltaic, geothermal …) and combination energy sources (cogeneration) into the project, applying the criteria of bioclimatic architecture to make it resource efficient and minimize energy losses. Globally, this is how we integrate a network of systems into our projects to carry out control, management and maintenance, etc. of the distinct subsystems and services, centralizing their control and supervision. All of this under the criteria of flexibility and economy, in order to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources.